Lords mobile hero stages challenge

This guide is written by GunDelSol, you can check his youtube channel for video guide. Challenge stages have been introduced and are available for all players that have cleared Chapter 4 Elite stages. Challenge stages do not require stamina, can be attempted as many times as you want per day, but are only available once per account.

They impose restrictions on several aspects of your team and are generally difficult. As I do not purchase heroes, I will only use F2P heroes for completion. I am sure there are multiple teams that can beat each stage even easier than the heroes I have listed, but at the very least, the teams below are possible. This guide assumes that you have an intermediate grasp of how to complete hero stages e.

Lords Mobile Challenge Mode (1-6 )

Challenge Stage Maiden Battle. Can only use a maximum of 4 heroes. All heroes must survive. Clear stage with the imposed restrictions I will be eliminating this requirement from future comments as it is redundant.

Maximum hero level: 1. Maximum rank: 1. Special notes: Your team composition should usually compose of a front-liner, a healer, a mass AoE damage-dealer, and either single target DPS or mass lockdown. Child of Light provides the front line tank, and his activated ability is a very long AoE stun. Prima Donna will be your only option for healer for a few levels. Snow Queen also provides a very long AoE stun and decent magic damage.

Reward gems. Challenge Stage Military Exercise. Not more than 1 hero es can die. Special notes: None. Reward: 50 gems. Challenge Stage Sparring Session. Challenge StageTrial 1. Heroes can only be: DEX Hero. Maximum hero level: 7. Maximum rank: 2. Reward: 50 gems, Unlock Trial 2. Challenge StageTrial 2. Heroes can only be: STR Hero. Can only use a maximum of 3 heroes. Special notes: This level will be impossible until you unlock Rose Knight.

She is the only strength hero with a heal. Soul Forger is also not necessary, but I found him to be slightly better than Oath Keeper.Posted By: John January 27, If you have any questions please leave them down in the comments section and we will try to read them in a timely manner.

We hope you enjoy this guide and we hope it helps you!

Lords Mobile: Challenge Stages Guide Chapter 1-2

Very straight forward and easy, position Grim in front with the enemies facing away from your party using his MP for the 3rd round. Nothing note worthy here just make sure to use MP to beat that clock.

Save Priestess MP for 2nd round and use on Shade as soon as you start, burn him down first. Burn the adds down as soon as the spawn in the 2nd round. Have full MP for everyone on 3rd part and use at the start, have Priestess stay on Dream Witch and make sure to interrupt her.

The 3rd round is really hard, try and use Tracker MP to equal out both guys hp bars and have Shade hop back and forth with his MP. Make sure to save Rose Knights MP specifically for interrupts. Very easy stage again, save Petite Devil MP for the 3rd round when the obelisks spawn. Final round can be done 1 of 2 ways. Make sure you kill the harpy on the 2nd round, stun Watcher when he goes to use MP. Fill your MP before moving on. This should kill her without much effort.

Focus on taking out Trickster and Sea Squire during this. Another no healer stage so time for Grim Wolf to really shine, try and position him ahead of Rose Knight using his MP. The 3rd round of this stage is a bit tough, use Grim to position Ethereal Guide away from the party using his MP.

The 2nd round of this stage we hit the center group with Witch Doll MP and followed it up right after with Petite Devil MP to try and keep that group clustered for optimal damage. The 3rd stage is a tight race, just blow Ultimate after Ultimate and try and keep him permanently disabled, save Rose Knight MP for interrupts. Every one of these stages without a tank we just appreciate Grim Wolf so much.

Adds will spawn at 55 seconds and kill your party, so kill all enemies before that time. First round make sure to take out Scarlet Bolt asap. Watch for the lift on the Air elemental in the 2nd round.

lords mobile hero stages challenge

Earth elemental spawns early in the round, just focus on killing the Fire elemental first then switch to the Earth. This one took a while not gonna lie. First two rounds just try and focus on taking out the back line asap to avoid unnecessary grief from the Air and Water elemental. The 3rd round is tough but as long as you use your stuns for only the ultimate and the heal you will make it through we promise. There is another Elementalist so be prepared after the first dies.

Again make sure to interrupt and everything should be fine.More Challenge Stages are coming soon! Stay tuned. This is just the first installment….

lords mobile hero stages challenge

Stage 2: Now you can use the Child of Light ultimate attack. Try and drag the attack over as many enemies. Use the Prima Donna as well, but save the rest of the ultimates for Stage 3. Stage 3: Use all of the ultimate attacks as quickly as you can. Try to include all the enemies in the attack.

Just like the previous challenge, this challenge only enables you to unlock 4 heroes to fight with. Save them for Stage 2. I know it sounds easy but some of you are really stupid…. Stage 3: If the Bombin Goblin has already replenished, use him. Otherwise use the Child of Light.

Wait for the enemy soldiers to finish spinning around like drunkards and then hit them with the Snow Queen. Use the Prima Donna and Bombin Goblin as soon as they are ready. Stage 1: Use your Prima Donna and whatever other hero ultimate-attacks you will need to get rid of Rose Knight. Once Rose Knight is dead, save the ultimates for Stage 2.

Challenge Stages in Lords Mobile

Stage 3: Focus on the troops behind you before attacking the old man on the horse… Use Bomblin Goblin on both enemies behind. Use child of Light on the enemy Rose Knight. Save the Snow Queen for the Sage of Storms, and then begin pummeling him with all the available attacks. In this stage, all the heroes will need to survive. Be warned! Stage 2: Use the Bombin Goblin and try to hit all the enemies in one shot.

Use the Prima Donna as needed. Pray that you manage to finish off the level before losing one of the heroes…. Stage 2: Use the Bombin Goblin. Make sure that you get as many enemies in the fire especially the small red healer at the back. Save the rest.

Stage 3: Use the Snow Queen to stun as many of the enemies, but make sure to include the enemy Prima. Then blast them with the Bombin Goblin. Wait for them to recover from the stun and hit them with the Death Knight stun.

When they recover, wait until the Prima Donna starts gearing up for healing and then hit her with the Child of Light stun.

Stage 1: Use the Child of Light and try stun as many enemies as you can.Are you feeling scared? They used too much drama and not it is no longer effective. That would be scary. Dark Curse is just lame. The good news is that Chapter 5 is not too hard. You will want your heroes to be at least at level in order to finish this level successfully.

Obviously, you will also want to have as many medals as possible! Stage 1: Keep an eye on your heroes health. Just keep making sure that you ultimate-heal the heroes with the Prima Donna before the other heroes drop dead! Once you have only 2 archers remaining on the battle-field start saving up your ultimates!

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Stage 3: In this stage, you will have to fight with the Snow Queen. Without the following simple trick, you may have a difficult time. Space the stuns-attacks apart from each other! First hit her with Child of Light — then wait a few seconds until you see her gearing up to attack again — and then hit her with Oath Keeper. When Snow Queen gets killed, another 4 monsters will appear. Pay attention to when your Prima Donna reaches her ultimate-power and make sure that she is there to save your heroes from dying.

You are so good at Lords Mobile.

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I think that you may deserve a reward! Declaring the best lineup for Elite stage may be complicated. There are multiple options that will work.

Keep an eye on the Prima Donna make sure that she Ultimate Heals as soon as any of the heroes start going low…. As soon as the reinforcements arrive focus all of your anger on the Femme Fatale. Stage 3: This level is easy. Stage 1: This stage is really easy. Just keep an eye on Death Knight.The Limited Challenge takes place during other Special Events, and lasts for seven days.

During this time players can complete Special Hero Stages, and will receive Hero Medals for a specific Hero as the reward. The Stages are located inside a players Turfto the right of their Castlewhere the hero who can be obtained, will be perched. Tap on the hero, to enter the stages.

lords mobile hero stages challenge

Each stage in the Challenge also has requirements, or restrictions, that must be met in order to complete it. These may include the following:. Note: When players must use a specific hero to complete a stage, that hero is locked into the Lineup and can't be withdrawn.

Given that heroes are always locked into the stage lineups, players only need to add heroes, to complete the lineups. These heroes must be chosen from the players hired heroes, and there are often multiple lineups that work for each stage. Players will receive a premium reward consisting of Hero Medals, the first time they clear a stage. Players can only get each stage's reward once. All the Hero Medal rewards so far, have been for Paid Heroes.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. There are six stages in total, and one stage is unlocked per day, on the first six days.

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Lords Mobile: Guide for Challenge Stage Chapter 3-4

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lords mobile hero stages challenge

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